Call Management & Recording


Live DDI and agent group analytics delivering queue and call statistics.


The report module comes with a catalogue of predefined standard reports.


Allows performance call queue parameters to be displayed in realtime for any group.

Pay as you use

Only pay for the agents you would like to monitor, with scalable changes for peak times.


Call Management

At Aeon, we know that collecting information is only as valuable as your ability to find and analyze it. Our Call Management applications show you exactly what happened to any call, from the moment the call arrived at your phone system to the instant the call ended. This information can then be used to create accurate and vibrant reports, charts, and graphs that use everything from the simplest criteria to some of the most detailed and specific statistics available. These reports can be scheduled which enables the reports to run automatically every hour, day, week, or month and send them to an email address or save them to a file.Real time monitoring allows you to better manage your business, live data about your users, groups, and queues can be used to provide customizable displays and information at a glance. This is true real-time;there is no refresh rate or delay. As soon as a call comes in or an agent’s status change this information will be available to see.


Call Management is ideal if you are looking for…

The ability to be able to extract and manipulate data from your phone system to be able to efficiently manage your business communications, increase productivity and make informed decisions.

• Monitor call activity
• Realtime agent statistics
• Wallboards
• Optimise staffing levels and efficiency


The benefits of Call Management

Information collected enables you to maximize the return on your telecoms investment by improvingcustomer service, helping you to retain customers. Monitor and improve your business performance and call handling techniques using accurate data.

  • Percentage of calls answered
  • Hourly Call Activity
  • Call Response Analysis
  • Improve call handling
  • Manage Campaigns
  • Identify trends in performance


Is Call Mangement right for my business?

Organisations of all sizes choose to monitor there call performance, this can be for customer service or in house auditing. Here are some examples of how call management can help achieve this

  • Manage staff workflow; design shift patterns based on call volume, duration and SLAs
  • Reduce manpower costs by minimising wastage 
  • Performance monitoring


How does it work?

Call Management system connects directly to the phone system capturing data

My business issues

Here are just some of the current business issues we encounter with our customers where we can really help.

Do I need more staff to answer calls to my business?

Review past performance and use “what if” calculations to forward plan the number of staff and times of day you want them to work. You can model and predict using different staffing levels or different volumes of calls, to ensure you are working with the optimum number of people.


How easy are the reports to run?

Its very simple, with the call management system its easy to create, edit, and share any report.

You choose filters to help you pinpoint the information you need. These reports once configured can then be scheduled so you dont have to run them they will be delivered to you via email at whatever time you require


Do I need a dedicated PC to run Call Management?

No. The CALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM can be run in parallel with most other applications although for larger telephone systems with hundreds of extensions it is recommended to use a dedicated PC.

What are the limits for the number of extensions etc?

There are no limits set within the CALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for the number of extensions, departments, trunks or calls. The only limit is the available space on the hard disk.

Can I log calls from other branches?

Yes, the CALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM can be configured to log calls from different sites

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