Ethernet over FTTC



Fast upto 20mbps, dedicated uncontended bandwidth

Lead Time

Significanty shorter lead time than ethernet leased line product


Managed service that includes a cisco router


Great value with similar benefits to ethernet leased line at a more affordable price

Ethernet over FTTC

Ethernet over FTTC  or General Ethernet Access (GEA) is where existing fibre or copper cable (if fibre is not available) connects your business to the nearest street cabinet, and a dedicated Ethernet line carries data

Aeon has a Ethernet over FTTC  solution that guarantees symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 19Mbps, with unlimited data usage and a 8 hour fix time.

In simple terms…

A high velocity hybrid solution that gives you the speed and bandwidth of Ethernet with the cost benefits of our FTTC and FTTP solutions.

over FTTC is ideal if you are looking for…

  • Dedicated and high availability IP connectivity
  • An access solution that delivers voice and data connectivity from the same supplier
  • Short and reliable install time
  • A service with a UK-based support team
  • A managed service with 24/7 monitoring, backed-up by comprehensive SLAs

The benefits of Ethernet over FTTC

  • High capacity and flexible connectivity
  • Dedicated, uncontended bandwidth
  • Voice and data convergence
  • 24/7 monitoring and helpdesk
  • Managed Cisco router
  • Service Level Agreement

Is Ethernet over FTTC right for my business?

Organisations of all sizes choose Aeon for their data needs. Here are some examples of how we help them:

  • Meeting growing demand for bandwidth
  • Providing voice and data convergence for cost savings and additional functionality
  • Equipping the business for cloud-based services
  • Enabling large-scale IP telephony where ISDN is too expensive and inflexible

How Does it Work?

Customers connect to our extensive next generation network. Our network delivers dedicated, low latency and high availability services.

My business issues

Here are just some of the current business issues we encounter with our customers where we can really help.

Do I need ethernet for my business?

Ethernet is now the de facto high-speed connectivity technology of choice, as organisations seek to capitalise on the increasing demand for more bandwidth provided over fast and reliable technology. As more services and applications are being positioned over ethernet, driven by cloud-based and hosted technologies, there is strong demand for both a decrease in costs and an enhancement to the service wrap. With Ovum’s Enterprise Service Forecast 2011-2018 predicting 15% growth year-on-year for the next four years, now is the perfect time to buy Aeon Fibre Ethernet.

We’re looking to adopt cloud based services

Organisations of all sizes are already in the cloud (IP telephony, hosted applications like SharePoint or Salesforce and even remotely backing up individual PCs). But as this trend increases, so does the need for high-performance, reliable and fast connections. Our family of ethernet services provides businesses with this essential foundation.

How long does it take to install?

Aeon FTTC Ethernet (Fibre to the Cabinet) can be delivered over an existing phone line in as little as 20 working days.

Is this product good value for money?

All the features of Ethernet, affordably 
Accessible to businesses where the cost of alternatives has been prohibitive

Can I have FTTC for my business ?

FTTC Ethernet is ideal for smaller businesses:

  • All the benefits of Ethernet at a more affordable price
  • Meets demands for increased bandwidth
  • Ideal for rapid-deployment projects with shorter lead times
  • Fast, reliable replacement service for legacy connections like SDSL, Bonded xDSL or leased lines.
How does it work?

FTTC Ethernet customers connect via our high availability Ethernet network letting you benefit from a dedicated and uncontended internet services.

Will this improve my productivity?

Yes it will, quick and reliable access to critical applications and data lets staff do more in less time.

Want to know more?

Contact us today with your requirements and we’ll come back to you with the specific information you require.

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