Fibre Broadband FTTC



Superfast speeds up to 80mbps downstream 20mbps upstream


Business only product, fewer faults compared to ADSL


Great value for money product using latest technology



FTTC being rolled out throughout the country, now available in most of UK

Fibre Broadband FTTC

Aeon Fibre Broadband is ideal for small and medium-sized organisations where data and bandwidth is business-critical. Download speeds are up to 80Mbps and upstream speeds are up to 20Mbps. And as you’d expect from we back that performance with higher reliability and excellent customer service. Fibre Broadband access is rapidly spreading across the UK. By upgrading to fibre services you can make broadband work so much harder for your business.

Aeon Fibre Broadband 
is ideal if you are looking for…

  • Reliable, fast, business-grade broadband for your customers
  • The latest Broadband technologies delivering the speeds your business demands
  • Charging options to suit a range of budgets
  • A service with a UK-based support team that you can contact at any time of the day

The benefits of Fibre Broadband

  • Superfast speeds
  • Great value for money
  • Fewer faults
  • Available in most of the UK
  • Business-only service
  • Use services such as VoIP, 
VOD & Video Applications

Can I have fibre broadband for my business?

If you are a Small Office Home Office (SoHo) worker, start-up business or medium sized enterprise, Fibre Broadband is the ideal solution for you.

How Does it Work?

We use state-of-the-art Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) technology. Fibre handles most of the data with copper only between the premises and the roadside cabinet. Connection speed rises dramatically as a result depending on specific location.

My business issues

Here are just some of the current business issues we encounter with our customers where we can really help.

Can I move broadband circuits over to Aeon?

Over time we’ve seen faster broadband speeds becoming more widely available and organisations are now much more aware of what does and doesn’t represent good service – whether it’s the way their broadband is performing or the level of service support they receive when issues arise. We’re experts in managing large and small-scale migrations and we work closely with you through every step of the migration process and beyond. It’s one of our real differentiators.

When is the right time to move broadband circuits?

Broadband is a utility service, essential for internal and external communications. If you’re currently in a situation where you dread a fault occurring because of the poor service you know you’ll receive, then the answer to the question is clearly, “as soon as possible”.

What’s the availability of Fibre Broadband?

Encouragingly access to Fibre Broadband is growing and fibre will continue to be rolled out with current estimates that around 80% of premises will have access to it by the end of 2015.

Is it expensive to install?

Not at all. Fibre Broadband is fantastic value for money for your business with greater reliability and performance for your business critical applications.

Why move to Fibre?

Many business broadband customers remain on the same product that they’ve had for years. This is mainly because there is a potential fear of change. Switching to fibre broadband is simple and overseen by an installation engineer. Appointments can be made to suit and our changeover lead times are currently measured as excellent.

How can I find out if fibre is available?

Contact us on 0800 849 8458 and we’ll see if fibre broadband is available at your premises.

Want to know more?

Contact us today with your requirements and we’ll come back to you with the specific information you require.

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