What is Horizon?

When it comes to Hosted telephony, we recommend Horizon as a complete hosted communications service for your business.  This product gives you a reliable and proven service, while also allowing you to manage your phone calls easily and effectively and offers an extensive range of fixed and mobile capabilities you can control via an easy to use web portal.  Having your own access to the portal lets you easily manage your environment, which in turn maximises your employees productivity.

The Horizon Hosted Telephony solution starts at £9.95 + VAT Per Handset, Per Month – Still Interested?  Please read on below, to see how Horizon can improve the way you run your business with its feature rich capabilities, while at the same time saving your business money!

Easily Control your fixed/mobile telephony

  • Never miss a call, wherever you are
  • Free site to site calls and cheaper call rates
  • Flexible working for better efficiency
  • Improves customer contact experience
  • Keep your existing numbers or get new ones
  • Extend your business reach
  • Built-in business continuity
  • No hardware investment, no maintenance or running costs – only pay for what you use

The Aeon Horizon Solution

The Horizon solution includes premium handsets, plus desktop and mobile clients for high standards of phone interoperability.  The easy to use web interface provides feature control and valuable user information.

We can easily and quickly transfer existing phone numbers onto the Horizon platform, on Gamma’s reliable and secure IP Network.  The call controller platform is provided by Broadsoft and supports millions of business users worldwide and sits at the heart of Horizon, providing a broad feature set and a rich user experience in unified communications.

How does it work?

The easy to use interface offers a wide range of call handling features accessed via the web.  The Dashboard is jargon free and easy to use for quick, personalised set up, it allows for convenient access to information for example Call History, Voicemail and Recorded Calls.

The Administrator interface is quick and easy to set up, you can decide whether to retain administrative control or pass control over to the user.  It also provides IT Managers with a powerful administrative management capability and allows employees to control calls quickly and effectively.

Call Recording

The Call Recording facility is an optional extra, you can choose to record all calls, some calls or on demand.  This option is ideal for recording inbound or outbound calls for compliance, customer service or auditing.  The optional secure online access to file storage and retrieval of call details, allows you to pause and resume calls.

Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant will provide callers with call routing options for different areas of the business.  It can also be used to create call announcements to inform callers of key details, such as opening hours and website address when your office is closed.


The Horizon hosted solution can be used with handsets from a choice of manufacturers which are Polycom, Cisco and Yealink.  They can all be connected through an easy to use desktop client, with the added benefit of expansion units and conference phones as an option if required.

Benefits of using Horizon 

Horizon will improve your company image, work efficiency and allows for mobile, flexible and better team working with the various features it offers as standard, some of which are listed below:

  • Ad hoc Conference – Allows for convenient collaboration with your team
  • Hunt Groups – Distribute calls across your team
  • Call Transfer – To any internal or external number
  • Common or customisable settings for sites, groups and departments
  • Call Park – Hold call, pick up on another phone
  • Call Pick up – Answer a group member’s phone
  • Instant Group Call – Efficient collaboration
  • Call Waiting – Ensures you are ready to take the next call
  • Music on Hold – Promote your messages
  • Diversion Inhibitor – Avoid calls being passed on and on
  • Auto Attendant – Menu options for call routing
  • Enhance Your Brand – Upload your company logo and specific adverts
  • CLI Flexibility – Present any number you have permission to call on behalf of
  • Last Number Redial – For convenient repeat dialling
  • Click to Dial – Easily make a call through user interface or client
  • Account Codes – Assign calls to cost centres
  • Presence or Pre-set Availability Profiles – Manage incoming calls
  • Anonymous Call Rejection or Selective Call Rejection – No more unwanted calls
  • Auto Callback – Stay productive
  • Busy Lamp Keys – Call your colleagues when they are free
  • Do Not Disturb – Show you are unavailable
  • Company Directory – Available from the handset and up to 100 speed dials for your favourite numbers
  • Call Forwarding – Manage incoming calls effectively
  • Home Worker – Take profiles and settings home
  • Voicemail – Play a message from your desktop, save it or forward a copy to your entire team
  • One Number Anywhere and Sequential Ringing – Never miss a call
  • Call Notify by Email – Keep track of important calls
  • Hot Desking – Use your number and preferences on any enabled phone in your company
  • Remote Office – Use your number and profile anywhere

Call Recording – For audit trails, compliance or training purposes can also be an option at an extra cost

Security and Fraud Prevention

The Horizon Security and Fraud Prevention allows you to set up Call Barring, so that you can bar specific unapproved call types, you can also set up authorisation codes to allow access to individual phones.  The call history feature allows you to view all calls made, received and missed.

Soft Clients Options – The power of Horizon on your desktop or Android device

The Horizon Desktop Client will allow you to:

  • Connect your office phone to your preferred business device
  • Seamlessly control your user account anywhere
  • Reduce cost of entry to hosted solution
  • Minimise your costs when you are on the move or working from another location, as the iPhone and Android Smartphone app allows you to make and receive calls on a mobile device

Presence and Instant Messaging – Keep communicating with your colleagues

iPhone and Android Smartphone app – Make and receive calls on a mobile device

The benefits of Horizon Soft Clients

  • Reduce cost of entry to IP hosted service
  • Reduce telephony costs on the move or in temporary access points, such as hotels and customer premises
  • Monitor your favourite contacts’ presence status
  • Send an Instant Message for immediate response
  • Connect customers using other messaging services to build new customer support route
  • Directly control your user account to implement Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb or other call features

Horizon Integrator Options – Powerful control of Horizon without the portal login

  • Interaction with key programs such as Outlook and Lync
  • Integrator CRM compatible with top CRM packages including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Call Preview from Outlook
  • Click to Dial from Outlook and web pages
  • Desktop Control – Instant access from Desktop to Call History, Call Forward, Presence and other features
  • Allows you to be more productive and efficient

Horizon Call Queuing Option

Present a professional image to your customers by managing your incoming calls effectively and delivering them to groups as soon as users become available.  This is a low cost way of managing calls and provides constant information and choices to your callers, so you do not lose valuable incoming calls.  You can set up customised messaging so the caller can be kept informed and the Breakout option also allows the caller to break out and leave a message.  Call Queuing allows for up to 25 calls to queue at any one time and the Simultaneous Hunt Group instantly delivers calls to all available contacts.

Horizon Call Centre

Easily manage, monitor and control call centres from anywhere.  Agents can log in and out allowing multiple agent states, agent behaviour can then be reported and calls can be routed effectively.  Supervisors can monitor and alter agent status and call queues, this gives you greater control during busy call periods and calls can also be distributed by your choice of call type.  You can queue up to 50 calls at any one time and provide callers with a position in queue, or estimated wait.

This will work with Handsets, PC Client, Akixi or Bespoke Clients.

Horizon Management Reporting Option

How many calls are you getting and who is handling them?

  • Akixi provides a data feed for your Horizon service – You can export the statistics you need to manage your business
  • Instantly see what needs to be changed to improve customer service
  • Monitor time to answer and manage calls efficiently
  • Analyse internal call patterns
  • See abandoned calls and have the ability to return a call
  • Optimise resources – Deploy operators effectively
  • No server on site – Enables multi site monitoring and supports business continuity
  • Real time wall board stats
  • Accessible from any internet enabled device
  • Push reporting and alarms
  • Cradle to grave reporting
  • Track after hours calls
  • Abandoned call recovery
  • Activity and extension activity monitoring

Receptionist Console Option

The Receptionist Console option allows you to manage incoming calls and routing to single and multiple sites, you can use multiple receptionists to manage either single or multiple numbers.  This is a low cost way to manage your key call routing, while ensuring every call is answered or redirected as required.  This option allows you to access and monitor up to 800 directory contacts, manipulate caller priorities in call queues and set up and manage multiple conference calls, this feature allows you to connect key contacts and resources, to deal with incoming queries in the most effective way.

In summary the Aeon Horizon Solution is a complete business communications service which allows you to:

  • Save Money and work smarter with fixed and mobile integration
  • Is ideal for home and flexible working
  • Is Future proof, as you receive new features immediately
  • Have one supplier end to end to make life easier
  • Have multiple site deployment – Only one system to buy
  • Is highly reliable and scalable with support wrap
  • Has a full range of handsets and options to suit your business

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how Horizon could would work for your business on 03300 536 446 or sales@aeoncvd.co.uk