Hosted Call Management & Recording


Live DDI and agent group analytics delivering queue and call statistics.


The report module comes with a catalogue of predefined standard reports.


Allows performance call queue parameters to be displayed in realtime for any group.

Pay as you use

Only pay for the agents you would like to monitor, with scalable changes for peak times.

Delivered via the Cloud

Manage, analyse and control communications, comprehensive, easy to use, and quickly delivers measurable results.

Extract and manipulate data to be able to efficiently manage your business communications, increase productivity and make informed decisions.

Detailed analysis enables you to maximise staff and resource productivity, minimise costs, avoid missed opportunities from dropped calls and deliver the highest levels of customer service.

Call Management is ideal if you are looking for…

Leading edge call management enabling you to:

  • Monitor call activity
  • Identify unanswered calls
  • Identify anomalies
  • Combat telecommunications fraud
  • Control communications capacity and traffic flows
  • Design staff shift patterns around call volume to achieve Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • No onsite server required

The benefits of Call Management

The at-a-glance console displays graphs and tabular data within a specified date range. Every element on the console is clickable to drill down further and view the detailed reports:

  • Hourly incoming call distribution
  • Callertolerance
  • Percentage calls answered
  • Total calls, abandoned calls and unreturned missed calls
  • Call summary by DDI
  • Callsummarybyuser
  • Hourly call activity
  • Callresponseanalysis
  • Unreturned missed calls by Caller ID / detailed
  • Longest calls

Why come over to Aeon?

  • One to one designated account manager.
  • We are here for 24/7 365 days a year.
  • We don’t just sign you into a contract and forget about you until the renewal time. We are always here to help.
  • We build long term relationships with our clients as we are proud of our first class service.

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My business issues

Here are just some of the current business issues we encounter with our customers where we can really help.

Am I missing any calls?

Missed calls are defined as unreturned when either the caller has not called back and been answered successfully, or when a member of staff has not yet returned the call. Unreturned missed calls can be identified in real-time by intelligent CLI (Calling Line Identity), enabling a rapid recovery of abandoned or lost calls. This report can be displayed in real-time as a widget.

Can I improve customer service?

Yes. Monitor you inbound calls to your DDI numbers and hunt groups, providing performance figures for the Grade of Service and Percentage of Calls Answered (PCA). Caller tolerance helps you to understand how long customers are prepared to wait to be answered.

Will I get new features as they are developed? If so, how much will I be charged?

Yes. you automatically receive new features, without paying anything extra for them.

When system upgrades are required, how much downtime will we experience?

None. Because the Hosted Call Center is in the cloud, our upgrades are performed with no downtime or impact to your organisation.

Can I change the Call Center setup, such as greeting messages, easily and quickly?

These changes to your Call Center can be completed in just a few seconds, with the click of a mouse. For example, to change your greeting message, simply record a new message by calling and leaving a message. The next caller will hear your newly recorded announcement. If you prefer not to have your administrator make the routing changes, you can submit a ticket to have an AEON representative make the changes for you.

Can I see the real-time status of my queues?

Yes queues can be monitored by the supervisor and can also displayed on a wallboard that delivers real-time agent and queue statistics. This information can be accessed by any internet enabled device such as PC’s , Macs, Tablets, and Smartphones.

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